Area Benefits

Plentiful Power

The Columbia River’s energy provides ample inexpensive power for our area. Energy is tapped through a series of dams. Wanapum Dam and Preist Rapids Dam are owned and operated by the Grant County Public Utility District (GCPUD), which means we can offer businesses a reliable source of high capacity, low-cost electric power.

Fiber Optic Network

The GCPUD Fiber Optic Network is currently available to the Port of Mattawa buildings, the schools, and the City of Mattawa. The fiber optic network provides the ultimate high-speed internet connection and offered through a variety of service providers. The Fiber-Optic network also offers T.V. and phone services to the region.

Telephone service

Telephone service is provided by CenturyLink with multiple carriers supplying cell phone coverage in the area.

Water and Wastewater

The Port of Mattawa has ample water for commercial, industrial and fire-flow purposes.

There are four established points to take water, one is located at the Wahluke Industrial Park, three points of withdrawal are in the Sentinel Gap Industrial Park.

The Port’s municipal water/sewer is supplied by the City of Mattawa for the Wahluke & Pat-Chee Industrial Parks. In addition to this, the Port will be building a public water system for Sentinel Gap Industrial Park.

Irrigation Water

Port of Mattawa is located within the Columbia Basin Project, with irrigation water supplied to 46,000 acres. The Port of Mattawa is also able to supply irrigation water to businesses needing to purchase it.

Access and Transportation

Mattawa provides easy access to Interstate-90, which provides direct connections west to Seattle, east to Spokane, and all points east across the northern United States to the east coast.

State Route 243, a major two-lane highway running north and south through the Port District, provides the connections between Interstate-90 to State Route 24 and Interstate 82, about fifty miles to the Tri-Cities, Yakima, Ellensburg and Moses Lake.

Grant Transit Authority provides intra-county bus service between most towns and cities.

Air Travel

The Desert-Aire Airport is located within the Port of Mattawa District, It is 3,665 feet in length and 60 feet wide.

Mattawa’s Industries

Mattawa boasts a phenomenal strength in its agricultural heritage and promise. The Wahluke Slope continues to produce a variety of crops and tree fruit, the trend in recent years is unmistakably the conversion of acreage to vineyards.

More than 5,000 acres of vineyards currently exist on the Wahluke Slope and more grapes are brought to the area for processing and bottling. In total, the Wahluke Slope produces around 25% of the total grape production in Washington, 11% of the states wine production.

The increase in transportation costs may force the full spectrum of related industries, such as bottle making, barrel making and warehousing, to locate closer to the production acidity. The Port of Mattawa is positioned to embrace the expansion of this industry within its district and facilities.

Mattawa also supports a wide range of other crops including over 18,000 acres of apples and 3,000 acres of cherries. We also grow other soft fruit including apricots and peaches.

More Agriculture

We also have over 20 thousand acres yielding alfalfa, sweet corn, dry corn, potatoes, wheat, asparagus, onions, hay, beans, sweet peas, buckwheat and grass seed.

Other agricultural-related businesses include feedlot and dairy production.